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                                                Privacy Policy
A privacy policy is a firm’s or website’s policy that explains collecting and releasing information about a visitor. It declares that what specific information is collected whether it shared or sold to other firms, researchers or sellers or it is kept confidential. In others words we may say that privacy policy is used for security purposes.
Privacy policy statement is very useful in catalogs, business and online shopping. Users must be made aware that when they purchase goods and services, that there purchases are conducted in a secure and safe environment. Users also assured about that there personal data like address, telephone numbers and credit card information will not be used for other purpose.
Privacy policy is very important for every website and online business, the statements in most of the paragraphs deeply explain to the site users and customers. It also explains that what information is tracked and how it is tabulated. For example, many websites track the users’ IP addresses. The privacy statement will show this information along with details what the site owner will do with the given information. Today world need anonymous and expecting privacy which protect from outsiders, the privacy policy is very important to many website users and customers.
To disclose owner intent a website need a privacy policy. People have a right to know that is the owner planning and what information is being traced behind the scene, what the owner plans to do with that people private information.
The privacy policy page is used for keeping web business honest.
Every website gives privacy policy like Facebook, ICMP, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google etc.

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