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Olivia Wilde Upcoming Movies Trailer

Olivia Wilde Upcoming Movies The Wolf of the Wall Street

In this article we talk about actress, Olivia Wilde. Olivia Wilde said, she is too much young to play a role Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife.

Olivia Wilde Upcoming Movies The Wolf of the Wall Street. And in this she doesn’t want to play a character of Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife. Because she is nine years younger than he is. In the show, The Howard Stern she said. She was “too sophisticated” to take part in the 2013 flick. She later took in the people behind the film felt. She was quite “excessively old” for the part. Olivia Wilde is an American actress cum model and producer cum activist. She is famous from his television role, Dr. Remy “Thirteen”. Hadley and series was House from 2007 to 2012. She also appeared in several such as Drinking Buddies. Rush and Her. Vinyl and Aliens.

Olivia Wilde Movies List 2012 To 2015

Olivia Wilde Movies List From 2012 to 2015 she appeared in several movies including Her and Rush. Drinking Buddies and Third person. The Incredible Burt Wonder stone and Better Living through chemistry. People Like us and Dead Fall. The Longest week and Butter. The Lazarous Effect and In time. On the Inside and many more. In Wilde personal life.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Olivia Wilde To Italian Prince

Firstly she married with Tao Ruspoli who is an Italian filmmaker. And at that time Wilde was 19 years old. Couple got married in a school bus.

In 8 February, 2011 she announced their separation. The divorce was finalized on 29 September, 2011. Thereafter Wilde started dating with Jason Sudeikis who is an actor. Couple got engaged on January 213. Couple has one son who was born on 2 April, 2014 and name is Otis Alexander.

Olivia Wilde Music Video

She also appeared in several music videos including Derezzed in 2010. Stolen in 2007 and City of Angles in 2013. So far we are in 2006 and No Love like yours in 2016. Wilde was nominated for several awards but she won two awards. Including Vail Film festival in 2008 and the category was Rising Star award. And The Comedy Festival in 2006 and the category was Best actress.

Olivia Wilde Biography

Her born place was New York City. Her mother name is Leslie Cockburn who is 60 minutes journalist and producer and her father name is Andrew Cockburn who is a journalist.
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