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                                         Disclaimer Policy
Disclaimer policy implies situations that involve some level of uncertainty, wavier or risk. Disclaimer is kind of a warning sign.
It is some kind of warning for general public in order to fulfill duty of care and prevent unreasonable risk, harm or injury. Some kinds of disclaimer prevent from damages. Some kind of disclaimer represent waiver and some kind of disclaimer is used for official authority. For example: Product liability and public health cigarette smoking etc.
What is website disclaimer?
A website disclaimer is often described as a common method used by business owners/ service providers in order to limit their liability on their website. The main purpose of a disclaimer is to make sure the information on your website will not be improperly relied upon.
To get it straight to the point usually disclaimer state that you’ll do your best to post up-to-date information provided on your website, you make no guarantee or warrantee that the information provided on your website is always accurate so it shouldn’t relied upon.
Simple is that if people rely on your website they just do this at their own risk and your website won’t be responsible for people damages which are derived from website.
A disclaimer role also defines at any moment you can change or modify the information on your website with or without any kind of notice. In this way you make sure about that the users won’t bring you to justice court due to any information posted on your website. It is very important to have a disclaimer on your website
In case of any kind of error or disclaimer protect you and you website.
Every website gives disclaimer policy like Facebook, ICMP, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google etc.

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